Premier Racing Simulator

The RLAPS Simulator is designed to be at the pinnacle of driver racing experiences in simulation. Developed by racers for racing, the RLAPS Simulator provides realistic feedback and driver feel via simulation. With the development of accurate physics modeling software integrated with premium hardware, RLAPS is the one-stop shop for the ultimate driver training improvement via simulations.

The RLAPS Simulator has full motion with pitch, roll and yaw. Visualization is via an immersive display with either virtual reality (VR) or multi-screen display with 170° field of view. RLAPS also provides motion-cued vibration feedback, force feedback steering wheels, pedals, shifters and premium racing seats. The RLAPS software system is integrated to provide fast and accurate physics-rendering that reflects the real physics behavior of the race car in order to improve driver training on track interaction and racing.

Customize Your Simulator

Easy to setup and configure your simulator with your preferred hardware and software components. RLAPS offers a single screen, multi-screen (up to 3) display setup with optional virtual reality (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) headsets for a true full motion ride.

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One-plug play and compact

RLAPS simulators require just one plug to power up and get you going on the track in no time. The RLAPS simulator chassis is light yet sturdy and compact to fit right through any door into your home for the room where everyone can enjoy playing and watching drivers race.

RLAPS Pricing

Our simulator prices start at $29,995. All RLAPS simulators use optimal quality driving components and hardware enabling you to have the complete feel of racing while in the comfort of your home. For the complete package, our price beats competitor’s pricing by being half as expensive.

Easily compatible with existing simulations

If you have a favorite racing simulation, the RLAPS Simulator will enable you to enjoy it in with the whole racing feel of motion and realism right in your home. The RLAPS Simulator is currently compatible with over 15 racing simulations and any future updates.

Exceptional training tool

If you are training to become a racer, the RLAPS Simulator provides a realistic experience so that you can learn on any track and most racing types of cars, including dirt. RLAPS enables you to become a better driver and eventually a racer. In future updates, the simulator will be able to analyze your race data and provide detailed reports for post-race analysis. Training scenarios will emphasize required skills based on both simulated and actual race data to help improve your racing skills.

3 Axis Motion

3 axis motion platform with +/- 35mm travel to replicate actual race car behavior on track. Get the real feel of a car cornering and drifting when going through turns, accelerating and braking on that straightaways.

Multi Display Options

1 screen, 3 screen, 5 screen providing up to 170° field of view or VR (virtual reality) headsets, giving you multiple choices based on your interests.

Vibration Feedback

With simulation enabled vibration cuing you will feel the vibration from all 4 tires when you’re going through a fast corner, drifting or even when your tire is slipping, bringing all more realistic feel to driving.

Realistic Controls

Full force feedback premium steering wheel with accurate torque levels providing feel as if you are racing on a real track. Pressure based pedals replicating real feel and exact spacing between pedals

Immersive Feel

Real race car seat with seatbelt tensioning system to provide maximum race car like feel.

Realistic Physics

Centered on realistic engineering and physics based simulation focused on providing accurate physics parameters to a real-time virtual reality simulation.


“I run triple screens at home. Once I put on the VR headset, I felt like I was really in the actual car with full range of motion. It [RLAPS] turned the iRacing into a teaching tool with full blown motion. The track felt like real tracks with the bumps even more visible than before. The motion on the [RLAPS] simulator would have helped me prepare better—shorten the learning curve.”

Chase Briscoe Mr. Chase Briscoe’s impressions on racing on RLAPS on a track that he was accustomed to racing on. Quoted on 12/8/2016 at PRI 2016, Indianapolis. Chase Briscoe is the 2016 ARCA world champion.

“Having tried the first version I like this one a lot better. It (RLAPS) has upped the game, you physically feel tried afterwards. It puts you into the race car and into a real situation . The virtual reality headset added so much realism you cannot describe unless you are in the car.”

Hope HornishMS. Hope Hornish quoted on 12/9/2016 at PRI show 2016 . Hope Hornish competes in the CRA/All Star Series and was a invitee to the 2016 NASCAR D4D COMBINE

“After experiencing both (version 1.0 and 2.0) of RLAPS simulators I can honestly say there is nothing else out now that I think can help bring along a racers career better than their simulator can! This simulator does a great job of tricking my mind and making me believe that I'm actually going around the race track. I can actually fill every single bump and crack in the road on the track as I drive around. Most importantly I'm feeling this from the seat of my pants and not just the steering wheel like other simulators.”

Walter Thomas IIIMr. Walter Thomas III quoted on 12/14/2016 . Walter Thomas III was a invitee to the 2016 NASCAR D4D COMBINE and a past NASCAR diversity young racer of the year.

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